Jazz solo guitar of Earl Klugh "So Many Stars"

Hi! I am Acousphere Toshi.
Playing standard tunes with jazz guitar alone is called jazz solo guitar style.
It needs high level of playing techniques.
But it sounds wonderful and so romantic that many of you must think you want to play it someday.
Here I introduce the master of jazz solo guitar "Earl Klugh" and his brilliant arrangement of "So Many Stars".

Let's listen to it and enjoy!

Earl Klugh released the CD, which contained only jazz solo guitar tunes, called "Solo Guitar".
And "So Many Stars" is one of great arrangements by him.
It is played by rubato (slow and free tempo).
The gentle sound of nylon-stringed guitar and the beauty of the melodies are great!
They are the characteristics of Earl Klugh's sound.
And his chord works and swing feelings are great too.
It sounds so smooth and gentle, so you may listen to it naturally.
But once you try, you will know how difficult and wonderful his play is.
This is the interest and greatness of jazz solo guitar!

(note) You can download the track of "So Many Stars" from iTunes store!
uSolo Guitarv/ Earl Klugh (1989)

Let's challenge to play!

The score on the right is the first page of "So Many Stars" from my transcription.
Listen to the music carefully, catch the stream of the music and play step by step!
(I recommend memorizing when you play because it helps you to concentrate to play.)
After you finished trying certain length of the tune, you must get some concepts of Earl Klugh's play.
And you can take advantage of them into your arrangement.
I think this process is one of the destinations of studying music.
Let's try hard and enjoy!!

(notes) I use the special music paper here to write musical informations as much as possible.
It consists of 5 lines.
From the top;
1st - notes
2nd - tabs
3rd - left hand fingerings
4th - right hand fingerings
5th - chord forms
And I use the alphabet numbering system for fingers;
thumb - t
first finger - i
middle finger - m
third finger - a
little finger - p

click the score for larger image!

Written by Acousphere Toshi Shimizu
All rights reserved by Acousphere Guitar School