Desktop Calendar Desktop Calendar ver1.52

English version has been available!

This programs has NO PROBLEM if OS(Windows) has no Y2K problems. Microsoft Year 2000 Portal Page is here!
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1. What is Desktop Calendar?

Desktop Calendar is written by Inprise Delphi 5J and lets you draw a calendar on your Windows desktop. Although there are many kinds of software with similar functionality, these are all, as far as I know, used to draw a calendar directly on the wallpaper bitmap file, which causes the calendar to be displayed redundantly or partly outside the screen if you are using tiled wallpaper. In addition, you may not like programs that stays active, because it may slow down or even make the overall system operation unstable.
Desktop Calendar provides a perfect solution for you, allowing you to easily draw a cool looking calendar at the desired location on your screen in the desired style.
This software is provided as freeware.

2. Features

  • Since this program draws a calendar literally on your desktop, you can locate the calendar anywhere you like even when your wallpaper is tiled. This can be done without affecting either your wallpaper or desktop icons.
  • Since the program is just for drawing on your desktop, once drawing is completed, you can exit the program rather than keep it active in your system.
  • The program supports the Microsoft PLUS! option, Stretching the Desktop Wallpaper to Fit the Screen.
  • The program offers limited support for the Active Desktop.
  • As an additional feature, Desktop Calendar can stagger your wallpaper's tile patterns either vertically or horizontally.
  • If multiple users use the computer, each user may personalize the calendar settings.
  • To launch the program only for drawing, the -OnlyDraw option is provided to add to your Windows Startup. As Soon as completing the calendar as specified in advance, the program will automatically quit. Addition to Startup can be done with one click.
  • You can set special dates such as your birthday indicated in the calendar. You can also set a reminder message box to appear on the day at start up.

    3. Download ver.1.52

    File size=419kB
    Japanese version is also included.

    Polish Default Setting File is Here (, 656bytes)! Decompress the archive file into a Desktop Calendar installed directory, and run "DESKCAL.EXE"!

    4. History

    ver 1.52 (2/12/00)
  • Some minor bug fixed
    ver 1.51 (11/28/99)
  • Fix: In some cases, Wallpaper is missing
  • Fix: In some cases, Smooth font is missing
  • New: Enable to change temporary folder (Advanced Tab)
    ver 1.50 (11/21/99)
  • English version is available!
  • Some minor bug fixed
  • 5. Special Thanks

    Programming Components for Delphi
    (before ver1.4)
    Mr. Patrick Brisacier and Mr. Jean-Fabien
      "ShellLink Component ver. 1.03"
    (ver1.4 or later)
    Mr. Elliott Shevin
      "Shortcut Link Component for Delphi2.0 ver1.1"
    Mr. Takuo Nakamura
      "TNkDIB ver0.66"
    This program could not have been completed without the help of the above softwares. I'm really grateful to the authors.
    English Version
    Mr. Yuki Kobayashi
      For translating Window Texts & Messages.
    Bay Area Language Center (BLC)
      For translating Documents & Help file.
      # Looking for professional software localization services?
      # Give us a call or E-mail to:
    If they do not support me, English version of Desktop Calendar is not exist! I'm really grateful to them.

    Please e-mail your comments, requests and bug reports to:
    Note! If you send me e-mail by EASY ENGLISH WORDS! Because my English is very poor... :-(