Room Charge   \3,500  (per person per night)
Private Rooms higher cost  \500
   Breakfast  \600  (Please order Check-in time)
    (Cream stew, toast, salad, and hot drink or juice)
Winter heating Charge  \200  (NovApr )

        The Room Charge must be paid when checking-in time

              * Check-in time until  6:00 PM              * Check-out time by  10:00 AM

    * We will be happy to store your baggage if you arrive earlier or leave.
    * We lend room-key in the case of a private or group room.
    * (No Curfew) No closing time here feel free to out as late as you like.
      The Front door is not locked so you may leave as you early as you like in the morning
    * You may deposit your valuables with the management for safekeeping.

      However, we will not be responsible for any valuables 
      which are not deposited with the management.
    * There is no smoking in the sleeping rooms.

      The smoking areas are limited to the dining room.
    * Breakfast is served in the dining room starting .from 7:30 AM10:00 AM
    * You may take a hot bath or shower (downstairs )
      from 4:00 PM
11:30PM                     Shower time  8:00 AM11:00PM  
    * If you want to do laundry. it's possible, Please tell the management.
      One load in the washing machine costs \200 .Drying machine  \200  45 minutes  
    * There is a parking charge of  \600 per car per day for use of NADA’s parking spaces.
    * Please leave your used sheets in the room where you slept.
    * This telephone dose not international call!  Please buy prepaid card.
Card  VISA JCB MASTER   5% extra charge 

    * If you have any questions please ask by mail. Thank You.