Plants and Animals
around Ayase river upstream
in the Spring of 2009
カラシナの花、5月 アンズの花 ムラサキハナナ
Ayase river, 綾瀬川 located on the west side of old Arakawa river, is said to have been created during early Edo period, ca 50 km long, starting from the east of Okegawa city, Saitama Pref. running under the Gaikan high way, merging into Naka river, then flows into Tokyo Bay. Ayase river gets together several small springs in the upper reaches, and is used as drainage from rice fields around the east of the city. It was clear stream as a fishing site in my childhood, and should be clear again in near future. Photos of some creature around the river head are listed up on this HP.

元荒川の西流域: 綾瀬川の起点域リンク先

00newyear2009 ・01.Spring ・02.Coldest. 03.AprilMay ・04.Rice booting
05.Riceplanting 06.Festivalhometown 07.ヤサイゾウムシVegeweevil 08.蕗の薹,butterbursprout ・09.ムラサキハナナpurpleflower
・10.Komatuna ・11.移動性昆虫
12.菜園の鳥類Garden bird 13.ミツバチHoneybee ・14.菜園のPotato
・15. プラムの狂い咲きPlum ・16.Cropadvoffice 17. 晩秋の水田-1 rice field 18. 晩秋の水田-2 rice field 19.ハクサイの栽培 Chinesecabbage



Presented by the author: bio-observation is made in the crop and garden area of Okegawa-east, and Ageo-mid-north. The author has been Fukuyama, Morioka , and Tsukuba areas in the first half of his life cycle.