In Greek Mythology, the Aegis shield is one of the strongest weapons of the gods since it carries the head of Medusa. Anyone who gazes at it turns to stone. The shieldfs namesake, the hugely successful folk-rock band Aegis does the same to people. No, their audiences donft turn to stone, but they can get so stunned by the lead singerfs tremendous vocal powers.

Aegis band has 6 members ? five girls and a man. They represent the 3 major islands of the Philippines. Juliet and Mercy Sunot, the vocalists, come all the way from Cagayan de Oro. Bassist Rowena gWengh Pinpin is from Pampanga. Keyboardist Stella Galindofs from Misamis Occidental while drummer Vilma Goloviogofs a Manilena. Only boy Rey Abenoja hails from Leyte and together they were grouped by AG Talent and Development Management, owned by Lito and Josie Galindo.

Aegis members say they never planned on an active career in the Philippines, much less, dream of becoming artists and idol of the masses. To them, earning a living out of music and performing before foreigners in clubs and lounges all over Japan was enough.

During one of their between contracts-breaks in the Philippines, AG Talent Development and Management thought of hauling them to a recording studio ? to record a demo. In one day, the group finished recording all 10 songs in what would be their first album. The demo that came out of the one-day recording contained gHalikh, gLuhah and other songs that eventually became monster hits. The demo was presented by Nonoy Tan to Alpha Music EVP Alvin de Vera, who knew a hit song when he heard one, no matter how rough or uncut. Alvin, son of OPM institution Buddy de Vera, immediately signed the group to a contract. The band also owes Alvin De Vera its very name. Alvin says, when the groupfs first demo was submitted to him, it was then known as AGfs sound tripper (the letter A and G being the Managers initials). He thought of giving them a make-over would east up their entry into recording. Thus, he coined the name gAegish because of its better commercial recall.

Thus began the odyssey of Aegis in the world of local music.