Suntime Wine CM(2000)

directed by Yang Zi, produced by Wong Kar-wai (according to a HK newspaper and DVD: KINGS OF ADS 001)

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The film is set in Shanghai.
A woman comes into a Cafe.
She sits at the table and drinks wine alone.
(music: moody jazz)
She looks at a table over there. The table cross is blue.
There is a man, who is writing something into a musical score.
The woman sits at the same table at the beginning.
The man notices her.
(The music changes to "In the mood for love" sung by Tony Leung.)
Also she notices him and smiles. She has a score, too.
They had met at the CD store, at some previous time. They holded a CD named "Suntime" at the same time.
The blue sky and white clouds had been on the cover.
She smiled at him.
He smiled at her, too.
There are a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table.
They sit at the table together at the Cafe.
He explains the music to her.
The bottle reflects the blue sky and white clouds.
He teaches violin to her.
He makes her ride in a rickshaw...
...and draws it running over the bridge. She looks playful.
One day, she comes to a building...
...and sees something.
He makes an excuse, but ...

[ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]

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