JC Decaux CM(2001)

including the part by Wong Kar-wai (from DVD: KINGS OF ADS 001)

[ Japanese ]

This series of commercial short film was made by Jean Claude Decaux (an international advertisement company). The theme is various kinds of 'dawn' in the big cities around the world.

Sidney by Alex Proyas

Monkey-like-businessmen fuzz around public telephones and a signboard. The signboard shows a dog holding a bone in its mouth.
Hong Kong by Wong Kar Wai

A man sleeps snoring at the airport. It's 5:30. The billboard shows a clown-liked man and words "Unity Is Power."
Singapore by Glen Goei

A young man stares into a billboard featuring female model. He is listening to the music and never bothered by buses and passing people.
Prague by Ivan Zacharias

A signboard is shinning in the darkness. A street lamp short out because of the rain.
Hamburg by Wim Wenders

There is an airplane track "Noir..." in the sky. Then the camera moves to the street and captures a signboard's words "c'est croire".
Stockhorm by Roy Andersson

There is an old couple on the street, who seem to come back from a party. The old lady shoulders her drunken husband, and curses a taxi passing by them.
Paris by Frederic Planchon

Collage images of Champs-Elysees st.
London by Mike Figgis

A billboard for a travel agency "Sunrise Holidays" reflects the real sunrise just as the logo. A woman turns over in bed at home.
Madrid by Blanca Li

A punk wearing sunrise-printed shirt comes along the street. He puts out his tongue at women and goes down to the subway.
New York by Spike Lee

An old man and a little girl are doing Tai Chi. A billboard for an assurance company behind them has a word "family" in various languages.
Los Angels by David Lynch

Two signboard reflect highrise buildings.
Sanfransisco by Francis Ford Coppola

Time-release images of the street from dawn till dusk. Drum'n'base music.

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